Sunday, September 7, 2014

Farewell to the Funniest Fashionista

Joan Rivers
Dear Miss Rivers,
First of all,
I just can't believe that you're gone.
This is so shockingly unexpected...
You're an irreplaceable idol, whose legacy is immeasurable.
You're so much more than a fashion expert,
but because this is (mostly) a fashion blog,
I'd like to thank you for teaching the world how to dress with style
and for giving unforgettable lessons about aesthetic.
You're a true mentor for all of us who are interested about fashion.
I admire your witty personality, your razor sharp brain.
I admire you for showing us how to survive terrible tragedies.
I admire your heartfelt humanity.
I admire and love you (and your hilarious alliterations:)

You'll be missed greatly as a comedian, as a fashion expert,
 as a human being.
You have set standards so high,
I just can't think of anybody, who is able to fill your shoes.
I hope you and Robin Williams will sit on the same cloud
and you two have great fun until the end of time...